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Sheeps are very frugal animals. Usually they live in a herd in an open, wild space. Mostly they are left over to their own devices as they are able to balance the heat as well as the cold. Depending on the area where they live they will be shorn different number of times. In any case it has to be dry.

Wool: you will get about 4-6 kg wool from one sheep at one shore. This wool of a shore will last you  to make about 3 pullover. 30 % are fat. This fat will be used to make our cream Lanolin.

Lambskin: Lambskin has a lot of advantages, which can not be reached by any other modern hight tec fiber. It is breathable  and temperature regulating which means it cools in summer and gives you a warm feeling in winter. Due to gentle tanning the skin will be made durable, free of harmful substances and gets soft and cosy. The Lanolin which is included in the skin  will keep it quite clean on a natural base, so that  there is no need to wash our products very often. In case you wash it, please use our special shampoo.

Our products are FELLHOF Quality, which means the products are 100 percent ested according OEKO-TEX standard. All included substances are according legal regulations.

Further details about the characteristics of our lambskin:

  • The skin is breathable, temperature and moisture  regulating, cosy, elastic , durable and of higher strength.
  • The skin consist of 100 percent proteins, and therefore ends and neutralizes acids and bases, odes and other chemicals.
  • The skin cleans itself in combination with fresh air is hygienic and antibacterial.
  • The skin has got its own temperature and therefore never feels cold.
  • The skin is an electrical semiconductor which eliminates muscle tension in the body Promotes blood flow to the muscles and tissues.
  • The skin has a unique construction of the wool fibers such as a thermostat and hydrostatic. That means it will protect you from a heat built up in summer and freezing in winter.
  • The skin absorbs over 30 percent humidity in the form of water vapor (compared with its own wight) without being wet o cold
  • The skin has an antibacterial effect and the Lanolin content of the wool protects the skin. The scale structure of the wool fiber repels the dirt to practically clean itself. The skin remains biologically active .
Proven Quality

According to OEKO-TEX Standard 100